Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Photos from the Open Day in Kindergarten and Playgroup

I've bought space from google and am now in the process of uploading all the photos i've accumulated over the year. So here's the Open Day from this year. The place never looked so lovely.

In contrast to other years, Open Day was held in October and we only opened the Kindergarten and Playgroup, but had work from the rest of the school on display. It was to give parents of children in who were thinking about enrolling in new schools a sense of what Steiner education was about. In addition to the demonstration of the different crafts which the children did, Patricia Fegan did a talk about the Steiner curriculum. There was a good crowd and lots of interest. I didn't take pictures of the crowd because they weren't school parents, but Ghin provided a sample of how enthused the children who did turn up were. There were a few tears from some as they left, with the protest, I don't want to go home!

Play group...

Wooden trains and natural materials all abound.

Being autumn, the branches were decorated with paper leaves.

Playgroup's warm and friendly, loving environment

Cosy corner

Here's the Kindergarten's trip to the woods

Wooden toys made by Class 6

Work from the rest of the school

Watercolours from Kindergarten

Beautiful felt shoes made by Marcella

Leaf hangings which were made by Kate in Kindergarten

Kindergarten's autumnal display

The nature corner, no classroom should be without one

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