Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Advent Festivities 2009

Once again our school put on an incredible show, made all the more incredible as it was a two day celebration, instead of the usual one. We did wonder if it was worth it, and the answer is YES! It was a beautiful and wonderful event with loads and loads of people turning up. All the food was gone with a few leftovers, but by and large everything was used up.

Thanks to all who made the day what it was. Here are some of the highlights from the day.

Just before the lighting of the Advent wreath for the day. Marcella and Ruth catch up.

John McCormick prepares the batter. He had to make two batches for the Sunday!!

Effie gets up onto Ed's shoulders to light the wreath. And after that we all sang the Holly and the Ivy.

Felt pictures by local artist, one of the many, many incredible handmade crafts sold at the festival.

Rory and Ed hangout with the gingerbread at the Class Three stall. This year, Class Three start running a stall, which is part of their curriculum.

The gingerbread village...

Luke's beautifully carved farm animals which were also part of the stall.

He made a whole farm...several whole farms actually!

Advent stars adorned the windows everywhere - here's a view into our allotments.

Parents' craft stall with Stephanie, another one!, from kindergarten!

What we sold there, these wonderful confections which are entirely handmade over the cold winter evenings.

More stars and the allotment again...couldn't help myself!

Wreath sellers at the professional crafts stalls.

Making beeswax cribs.

More Advent stars - this time, make them yourself!

Making wool angels

Shane and Emma facepaint. Mika is here getting a manicure, by the looks of it.

Woolly gnomeys anyone?

Green corner in the bleak midwinter!
Faces that the children make in their curriculum

And the queue just keeps on growing...

The pretty busy cafe...

Star apple candles that were made over the course of the day

The star candles and holly wreath

There was also an exhibition of the children's work. Here's something from the anatomy class. All Steiner main lesson books are created by the children themselves. They learn everything from the teachers orally, there are no print outs or worksheets. They then take this knowledge and make it their own via the main lesson book.

Maths this time.

History - ancient civilisations. I'm guessing Ancient Persia.

Science and geography

History - local history. Northern Irish castles.

Geography - cloud formations

Here's some work from Class Three. Measurements.

The crowds that ate our new Christmas dinner!

Parents help out in the restaurant.

The 'new' catering room, painted by Liz and decorated so beautifully for the festival.

Some of the guests at the coral singing after. It was like being with the family after a long satisfying day of hard hard work, celebrating everything that had passed this weekend.

Adults and children alike listen and join in with the singing.

Table of candles that lit the musician's sheet music.

The candlelit crowd.
What an incredible weekend it was!

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